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Mouse-Master 2.1 Released!

The world’s most creative and powerful mouse software!

Congratulations to Mouse Master — The powerful mouse extend software. Mouse Master is a mighty application ideal for mouse-control, automation macro and mouse parameters measurement etc.

Why choose Mouse Master?

Independent running environment for every program
With Mouse Master, you can config different running condition, include mouse speed/acceleration/wheel, keybaord, monitor gamma and sound volume, for different application. All conditions will be automatically applied or restored when the program running or stopping.

Powerful Macro
Mouse Master’s macro is very powerful. It is the combination of mouse-journal and script. Every macro can have many actions, and every action can be mouse-journal or script. You can implemented very powerful function by using this combination.

Support mouse extend buttons
Assign freely different tasks to mouse extend buttons and the combination of hotkey and extend button. Up to 8 combinations(tasks) is availabled.

Set and test mouse samplerate easily
Change the samplerate of PS/2 mouse up to 200Hz.

Mouse DPI/CPI measurement
400 or 800 or 1000 DPI/CPI? Never before you can know. Mouse Master can give you the answer.

Statistics of the usage of mouse and keyboard
Very detailed statistics of the usage of mouse and keyboard. Include clicks/double clicks of every mouse button, total wheels lines, moves and every single key usage of keyboard. Maybe now you can decide to give much rest to which finger.

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