Could Samsung 10NM Processor Is Possible?


Is It Important For Us?

I probably don’t really know why the development of smartphone is really faster and even faster than the computer itself. I guess the most obvious reason is because of the market itself. Every people in this country or in the world really depended on the gadget that we called as a phone. There are so many types of phone and one of the most popular for now is smartphone. The could make sure if the one we use is smartphone if the OS itself is full with the customization and the getting the regular update. People might enough or okay with only a notebook or laptop, but they probably need more than one smartphone for their business and their daily usage. This is the reason why the development is felt really fast and we can see almost two different smartphones from the same company in one year. There are also some companies that released even more than 3 smartphones in one year. The product is selling like a nut in the market, so there is no reason for keeping it long. One of most interest parts from the development is the processor.

Processor is becoming the most important parts since every component would be depended on this part. Good processor is having both powerful performance and good efficiency in battery life. It’s really different on the computer where many companies are trying to get the most powerful one, but without any thought on the efficient. The mobile market is quite different because they need to provide good processor, but with good batter life. We know that we are going to bring the device anywhere and we are going far from the charger, so it’s important to get the efficiency. One of the best solution to reduce the power consumption is making the processes is smaller. The smaller process that they take, the more efficiency it has. Last year we have seen 14NM processor with a crazy amount of improvement on batter life and now we see Samsung is going with more crazy way by making their processor smaller with only 10NM processor. We don’t know how they could make it possible since the risk is very high and 10NM is probably small enough. What we have to do is only waiting until we see the more details about it. One thing that I know is, the efficient is going like a crazy when it’s released.